Combating Severe Anxiety

I think in the modern time most of the people are suffering from severe anxiety owing to some definite or indefinite causes. This anxiety leads to severe mental and physical problems ranging from severe to moderate. If you feel agitated, feel short of breath, sweat a lot, begin to pant, feel palpitation as if the heart is going to stop, dizziness and even a state of nausea or it may be so that you are suffering from all the above mentioned symptoms as an outcome of severe anxiety that you experience. There may appear the sudden thought in the mind that you are going to die and something uncanny is going o happen. You may feel, as if, you are losing total control over yourself.
If such is the situation that you are gradually leading towards a dark cavern of despair never try to suppress your feelings. Tell everything to that person whom you actually trust. He/she must be the person who would not cut jokes with your problems but with a deep concern try to assess them and take a plunge into your problems as these are his/her. If that person can lead you to light properly you must surrender to him/her for your own betterment, otherwise you may have to face the catastrophe. If necessary consult a doctor and seek his /her advice so long you need. In a word, severe anxiety should never remain untreated. Always remember, if you take the necessary steps in the very beginning you may come out from the dungeons of darkness very quickly with minimum effort.
To dodge severe anxiety you may follow some simple steps. I think, if you try to follow these methods you may lower the anxiety level to a certain degree and avert the panic attacks that make you crippled all the time.

Method 1-

It is your prime concern to avoid such situations that aggravate your anxiety or make you panic stricken. If you are afraid of a dark chamber never go there alone. Seek the help of someone you love. If you are afraid of dogs never face a dog, or at least try to avoid the place where dogs dwell. It may be so you are scared of a certain disease. Whenever you hear someone discussing on the disease you feel panicky it is better to leave the place. If it is not possible for you to request the person to stop such discussion in your presence it is better to go away silently.

Method 2-

It is also a very effective method to combat severe anxiety provided you come forward with enough zeal. In the first method I have discussed on avoidance method. If you try to think on the positive aspect you may retaliate. You may ask yourself why you will be so scared. Is there any relevance of your panic or anxiety? If you always utter within yourself ‘you are well, you are well’ one day you are sure to notice that you are really well. There is no trace of anxiety on your face. Your heart is running on a rhythmic manner.

Method 3-

obviously you can take the help of some doctors after your choice. Again on the other hand you may follow some process of meditation and yoga to add moral boosting to your life style. Actually what you have to do is to avoid the stressors. It is evident that severe anxiety is an outcome of cumulative stress. Hence if you can eliminate stress from your life it can be told with ease that you are free from all anxieties that pounce on you every now and then.


Pre-diabetes is a condition when the blood glucose level remains high but not high enough to be treated as type 2 diabetes. Millions of people all over the globe are having pre-diabetes and in most of the times it remains untreated and finally turns into type2 diabetes. The main difference between type1 and type2 diabetes is the different behavior of pancreas in secretion of insulin.
According to some studies excess body weight or obesity in case of females is responsible for converting pre-diabetes into type2 diabetes. People having pre-diabetes have more chance to become type2 diabetes patient than an ordinary so called fit person. Insulin resistance is one of the reasons behind having pre-diabetes.


Pre-diabetes does not have prompt symptom. One morning you may be asked to visit a pathology center for normal blood test and it is found that you are having a blood glucose level on the higher side. This is not at all that you are having type2 diabetes. That is called pre-diabetes or alert that you are prone to type2 diabetes. But in some serious cases black spots on the neck, hands and muscles indicate the higher level of blood sugar in your blood. Your body may fail to move the blood glucose to cells due to lack of insulin secretion of insulin resistance. So normally the blood sugar level increases.

How pre-diabetes determined?

There are basically two types of diabetes blood tests are done-
1. Fasting Glucose Test and
2. Glucose Tolerance Test or test two hours after meal.

Fasting Glucose Test: This test is done after 8 hours from dinner. The normal level lies between 100-120 mg/dl. Otherwise pre-diabetes is suspected. This is test is mainly done to measure the ability of the body to normalize the level of blood glucose after a meal.

Glucose Tolerance Test: This test is done after 2 hours of direct glucose intake. The main reason behind the test is to measure how fast the body forwards glucose from blood to cells. If your blood glucose level ranges between 140-200 mg/dl it is well enough to be called pre-diabetes.
According to some studies people having parents or siblings affected by blood sugar must check blood sugar level at least in every six months. If some symptom or pre-diabetes is found careful steps can resolve the problem quite satisfactorily. Normally some time is taken before pre-diabetes to be converted into diabetes type2. So you have the time in your favor to make a use of that to protect you from the black curse of diabetes.

Type2 diabetes

In type2 diabetes the body fails to produce enough insulin and as a result of that the blood glucose level increases high enough. Insulin is a hormone secreted by pancreas and this hormone is mainly associated with the blood sugar level control. If the secreted insulin fails to work properly, this can also lead to type2 diabetes. Majority of the diabetic patients suffer from diabetes type2 or non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.

In type2 diabetes body fails to facilitate the movement of glucose from blood stream to cells. Due to excess glucose in blood Kidneys need to take the overload to filter glucose from blood which most of the times lead to kidney failure or renal failure or diabetic nephropathy.

Type2 diabetes can be fatal if you are untreated over the years. There may sometime come when you may find your total nervous system affected by diabetes, popularly known as diabetes neuropathy.  Other than that diabetes invites several diseases to come and perform on a body that is already severely damaged by it. The patient is prone to high blood pressure, stroke and even death. The impact of type2 diabetes on eyes is ridiculous. The patient may lose eyes at any moment which is known as diabetes retinopathy.

If you are of age above 35 years do not waste anytime in checking your blood sugar level. If you are accused of diabetes proper medication, exercise and a diabetic friendly dish can help you all along your life to control diabetes with in a certain limit. But if you go on taking normal dishes and on the other hand taking medicine no one in this world can keep you alive.

Type 1 Vs Type 2 Diabetes: How they are Different?

Diabetes is basically a metabolic dysfunction which makes people suffer from high glucose levels in blood either because insulin is not being produced in the pancreas in adequate amounts or the body somehow is unable to respond effectively to the insulin being produced in the pancreatic cells. Now there are two basic types of diabetes; Type 1 and type 2 Diabetes and to really help yourself in treating the type you are diagnosed with, it is vital to have a brief comparison of type 1 Vs type 2 Diabetes.

Type 1 Vs Type 2 Diabetes:

Well, if you make a comparison of Type 1 Vs type 2 Diabetes, you will get to know that the Type 1 is relatively of more severe nature and affects usually young people. This is basically the type of diabetes in which the body does not produce insulin hormone, responsible to maintain blood sugar level in body. It is also referred as autoimmune disorder since in this case the body itself starts destroying the insulin producing pancreatic cells.

Now on the other hand Type 2 Diabetes is the one when your body despite producing insulin is unable to use it effectively which consequently results in high sugar levels in blood. The type 2 diabetes affects the older generation and people who are obese.


Well, if you are thinking about complete cure then it is perhaps not possible with any of the two types of Diabetes Mellitus.  To ensure maintaining the blood sugar levels in type 1 Diabetes, you need to inject insulin in your body for the rest of your life. Whereas, the type 2 Diabetes usually can be controlled by bringing positive changes in your life, like getting healthy diet and lowering the portions of meals so that you could reduce your weight. Moreover, you also need to integrate exercise in your life as this is one of the key things that can help your body in regulating the sugar levels in your blood and hence will enable you to live a healthy life.

However, before you get on with the treatment phase, you certainly need to confirm the type of diabetes you are being diagnosed with and for this a simple blood sugar test is required.

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