Effective Tinnitus Treatment Methods – Get Rid of the Buzz Today

Many people experience a ringing or hissing sound in their ears or head in the absence of any external sound; this condition is called tinnitus or ringing ears. It is an annoying and frustrating symptom of some other underlying disease. Some of the common causes include damage to the nerve endings, ear infections, presence of ear wax or any foreign particle, senility, continuous exposure to loud noise, abnormal serotonin levels and as a side effect of certain medications and drugs.

In most cases, tinnitus is treatable but make sure you consult an ear specialist for a correct diagnosis before taking any kind of treatment. Most sufferers prefer natural and alternative medicine for tinnitus treatment. Some simple natural methods include avoidance of caffeine, alcohol and smoking and also decreasing the intake of salt. Ear ringing is most noticeable when the surroundings are calm and silent especially at night, so play some soothing music which will enable you to fall asleep quickly.

Relaxation and breathing exercises are also beneficial for this condition. Another natural and very effective tinnitus treatment method that can be done at home is to apply a pack of hot roasted millet seeds and salt over the ear for ten minutes. Ringing ears which cannot be cured by natural remedies can be controlled with alternative medicine like homeopathy, aromatherapy and herbal medicine.

Homeopathy is an excellent choice for tinnitus treatment and provides immense relief from this condition forever. Homeo medicines that are usually prescribed for this condition include salicylic acid, kali iodatum, carbonium sulph and hydrastis. Some other tinnitus treatment methods include surgery, music therapy, electrical stimulation, cognitive behavioral therapy, photobiomodulation and the very recent neuromonics treatment method.

Ear ringing can be prevented to a large extent by taking some simple measures like periodic removal of ear wax and by wearing ear plugs or muffs if you live in a noisy neighborhood or have a job that exposes you to constant loud noise. This has to be taken seriously as leaving it untreated can worsen up the condition leading more problem in the future.

Tinnitus or ringing ears or ear ringing is a treatable condition in most cases but can be serious based on the underlying disease. There are many tinnitus treatment remedies available with most of them being based on natural and alternative medicine. Stop your suffering today by taking the remedy that suits your condition best. Start your treatments of remedial measures right from the beginning so that you need not worry at the end about it becoming a severe condition.

Coping with Eczema with Home Remedies

Eczema is a general term used for a cluster of skin diseases and is derived from the Greek word, meaning ‘to boil’. It is a chronic condition often characterized by inflammation, redness, and eruptions on the skin. The most common subjects of this illness are children and infants. In adults, it occurs mostly as an acute exacerbation of the chronic disease. It is a dreadful and irritating illness, mainly due to allergies, dry weather and poor food. Itching, redness, peeling of the skin and dryness are the most commonly expressed symptoms.

There are many ways present nowadays to tackle this ugly disease. You can choose modern medicine, alternative medicines like Homoeopathy, Unani, Chinese herbs, and Acupuncture to solve your problem. However, according to me the best solution to you illness is treating them with home remedies. It is cheap and easily available in your kitchen shelves. Moreover, anything extracted from nature is completely safe and harmless to the body.

Coconut oil is one of the best home remedies used for controlling eczema. Daily application of oil keeps the area smooth and clean. It is advisable to use them immediately after bath before dirt settles over the part. Exposing your eczematous lesions to mudpack is also beneficial. Make a mixture of sandalwood paste and camphor and apply to the area daily. This helps in curing eczema within a few months. Another useful remedy, which can be prepared at home, is by mixing turmeric powder and leaves of bitter neem. Spread it over the area affected until the symptoms decrease to a considerable extent.

Do you know that water is an important remedy in treating eczema?  Applying cold compress twice daily has found to have positive results in keeping a check on eczema. Another medicine used at home is a mixture of almond leaves and water. Procure some leaves of almond and mash them into a fine paste with water. Use this application on the skin two times a day for the best results. Rub nutmeg on a stone by adding a few water drops. Form a thick paste and apply it daily until the disease comes down.

Boil around 200 grams of mustard oil in an iron vessel and add fresh leaves of neem into the hot liquid. Keep on stirring the solution until the leaves turn black and then let it cool down. Strain the oil and use it four times a day, which helps in treating eczema. If you are having sever itching or irritation on the part, crush papaya seeds and spread it over the area for instant relief. You can also soak a cotton ball with witch hazel and dab it over the area to reduce inflammation.

Spearmint juice is very much effective in controlling skin diseases. Avoid using soaps, perfumes and harsh chemicals on the skin. Do not allow detergents to meet the affected part. Sunbathing is essential for a person suffering from this illness as it helps in killing the harmful pathogens present in the body. Practice skin wash everyday to attain speedy cure. You can prepare them at home using 1 teaspoon of white oak bark, slippery elm bark and water. Boil for around 30 minutes and clean the area daily.

The complete cure of eczema depends upon the chronic nature of the illness. Treat them at the earliest and obtain a lovely and radiant skin.

Anxiety Insomnia – Do Not Lose Sleep Over It!

Thousands of people suffer from anxiety insomnia around the world. Worries keep them awake all through nights. Although every one of us has the occasional sleepless night, if it becomes a habit though, you need to take immediate action. Almost all of us face these kinds of problems and something or the other keep us awake and we never bother to take it up seriously. Isn’t it?

Anxiety insomnia is more often than not caused by stress. Anxiety is something that can keep your mind racing. A busy mind is what keeps you away from sleep. Even if you do manage to sleep with thoughts racing inside your mind, you will find that you will wake up after just a few hours of sleep. With the result, you will not be able to work properly and feel irritated throughout the following day.

There are a few steps though, by taking which you can get relief from your anxiety insomnia. The first and foremost among these steps is to eat right. It has been found that eating foods that are rich in calcium content, such as a couple of bananas, can help you sleep better during the night. A glass of milk, just before you hit the bed is another way of getting the necessary calcium. Do not consider this to be just a talk as it is very essential for the body to retain the energy and to stay healthy.

Exercising everyday is another step that you need to take in order to get rid of anxiety insomnia. Exercise is known to help in getting rid of stress from the system. An early morning brisk walk or a few minutes of exercise is all that you need to remove the buildup of toxins inside your body.

You should also make it a point to hit the bed at the same time on a regular basis. Your body will get attuned to a set schedule of sleeping and waking up. This will also help you to wake up fresh and ready to face the rigorous of daily life. Although it may take your body a few weeks to accept the new schedule, once it does accept it, you would have won your battle against insomnia.
There is some good news waiting for all those who want to get rid of anxiety insomnia. You can now sleep peacefully by following some simple and yet highly effective tips. This is very important and the entire thing is left to either to depend on these or just to go on without any treatments.

Hello from Shore Health System.

For those of you not associated with Shore Health System, I am Joseph P Ross, President and CEO of Shore Health System of Maryland.  We serve the five mid shore counties of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  We are about 2000 employees, 260 physicians and hundreds of volunteers.  We are a community hospital based health system offering a full range of health care services.

I decided to start this blog as an effort to communicate directly with our constituency in a period of change in health care as well as a period of rapid change within our health system.  I have many issues I hope to discuss in the coming months.  I also welcome questions and comments.  As I am not of the digital generation, I will review all comments and questions and comment on them in subsequent postings.  There are several things I am working on at this time which I would like to start with.

First, Shore Health System became an affiliate of the University of Maryland Medical System several years ago.  The opportunities for improvement which derives from this relationship are generally, access to physicians, access to capital and the ability to plan more comprehensively.  Through our planning process, we have committed to the development of a Regional Distributed Network of Services.  At the center of this network is envisioned a new regional medical center to be located on land provided by Talbot county on the North side of Easton, MD.  We have been working for approximately one year on the specifics of this project.  We have developed a proposed size, a first draft site plan and are now ready to proceed with the town and county on annexation of the land into Easton and the completion of a zoning process to allow the development of a health services campus for the regional medical center.  As I get more comfortable with blogging, I will figure out how to share the site plan with you.

The second issue is the current debate on national health care reform.  Many people as me what it means to Shore Health System.  I have to honestly answer that I dont know just yet.  It is not easy to begin to develop strategy until we have a bill signed by the President.  It is obvious that many people have strong opinions of where we should go as a society. That we need some level of change is obvious to those of us working in the system every day.  Of course, great strides have been made in the area of coverage and access, but we still have 40 million or so people without coverage.  There is not a clear understanding of who the uninsured are but they fall in several categories, including the working uninsured, undocumented workers, people between jobs, adults living at or near the poverty level and others.  We have made good progress on childrent through the S chip program but we rely on the safety net delivery system for what care the other groups get.  Within the working uninsured, health care events are a cause of  financial difficulties. We need some approach to each of these groups for the future.  One difficult political point is the idea of a public option for coverage.  I believe it would help with some of the problem.  We have to recognize that as a coverage, it will suffer from adverse selection meaning those with the greatest needs will be the people who will be most incented to use the public option.  It is difficult to know what impact the public option would have on the private insurance market.  Many people are concerned with that  the public option would force the private carriers out of the market.  I think the profit potential will still be enough to keep the private carriers in the market, although with a new competitor.

Another area of great discussion is the issue of rationing care.  All of us have a stake in this issue.  Individual values and freedom of choice must be part of any USA health care system.  That said, we do need a system of rationale care for the future.  Consistent evidence-based care delivery will accomplish this goal.

Much of what could be improved about health care is not being discussed in the current debate.  The most obvious is tort reform and how much care is delivered as an effort to defend decisionmaking by care givers.  Another is the area of personal responsibility for one’s health. Regular exercise and a moderate diet, moderation in alcohol and reductions in the use of illegal substances would also make a major contribution to reducing health care costs.

In a future posting I will spend some time on things that we are doing as a health care system to improve quality and reduce costs through better clinical programs and evidence based protocol management.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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